Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mature Drivers

It's not just learners who take driving lessons.
Experienced drivers often take coaching with Lytes driving school to help with any issues they are having. Today we had a lady who has been driving for 30 years who felt she needed some guidance, because, "her daughter kept shouting at her while she was driving".
She wisely sought assistance, and as Fleet driver trainers the problem was identified immediately, and, we spent a couple of hours improving the situation.
Her main problem was that she was approaching junctions too fast leaving very little time to observe, plus her road position was suffering as a result (sound familiar?).
After coaching she was easing off the gas much earlier thereby allowing her time to ensure her position and observation were improved.
It takes a bit of time to adjust to this new method, but she is much improved and her confidence is coming back.
She sent me a message to say that she went out with her daughter afterwards and there was no shouting!
We also spent some time parallel parking as her daughter lives on a residential road with no off street parking.  
Well done to her for having the courage to address the problem.

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