Friday, 21 December 2012

Blindspot advice

Because there could be someone there not visible in the mirrors.
As you pass someone they may disappear from your view in the mirrors, if you then move over there could be a risk of collision.
If the chap who overtook me today, then imediately slowed a little and moved over had taken that into account, I wouldn't have had to take evasive action.
How can you know what's in your blind spot???????
By regular use of your mirrors and monitoring what has entered it and not left. You also need a brief check over your shoulder before changing lanes, very relevant whan there are more than two lanes.
For example, someone travelling in lane one of a three lane road wishing to move to lane two and just checking the centre and right mirror may not see someone in lane three moving to lane two.
Happy Christmas to you all.
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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Re - What would you do?

The answer is keep going.
Its not meant to be cruel, but, carrying out an emergency stop without knowing whats beind poses real danger to the occupants of your vehicle and the ones following. Only do it for a dog or larger animal, oh, and of course people and other road users. 
Only do an emergency stop if you have no alternative.
If you do have time to check your mirrors and stop safely then do so.
Read up about it in the Highway code.

Friday, 7 December 2012


Get your antifreeze in the engine checked. If there is not enough and the water freezes it expands and cracks things (like radiators and engine blocks, that's bad news) 
That's expensive.


What would you do?

Lytes Driving School
What would you do if a pheasant or small furry animal ran out in front of you and you did NOT have time to check your mirrors before braking? 
Would you
A. Carry out an emergency Stop.
B. Swerve around it.
C. Keep going.
D. Sound your horn.
E. Google Pheasant recipes.
Answer tomorrow.
Post a comment if you wish.

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