Thursday, 14 February 2013

Driving in Low Sun

Driving with the low sun in your eyes can be blinding (that's the bad blinding not the Del Boy good blinding). Here is some advice Which I hope will help you.

Keep your sunglasses in the car all the time, they are invaluable.
Use your sun visor, anticipate you are about to turn into the sun and put it down early.
Low sun on a dirty windscreen means more risk of being dazzled as the sun highlights all the dirt and smears on the screen, making visibility very poor.
Clean your windows - inside and out and mirrors frequently.
Keep your washer bottles topped up with a good quality screenwash.
Change your windscreen wipers as soon as they show any sign of wear. They don't last as long as you may think.
If the sun is behind you, it's in the eyes of drivers coming towards you and they might not see you.
NEVER look directly at the sun.
If you can't see well, slow down.
Keep an eye on the vehicle behind, in case you're not seen against the low sun.
Low sun behind can dazzle you through your mirrors so be ready to dip the mirror and check over your shoulder for vehicles in your blind spot
If you see shadows ahead across your path, make sure you can see into them and slow down before you reach them.
Use dipped headlights.
Always consider other road users view and plan that they may not see you.

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  1. People always talk about driving in snow, fog, darkness, etc. Good to read something about low sun (also like to 'Only fools and horses' reference. I run a driving school in Ireland and learners are always asking, can the wear shade during their driving test . To which the answer is always, yes.